Portrait With Character

5 Tips about portrait photography…

  1. Always try to make sure the person that you are shooting comfortable around you.
  2. Taking color out of an image and leaving it in black and white changes the mood of the picture and helps views pay more attention to the action of the subject.
  3. Different colors represents different moods which can also change the characteristics and personality of the subject.
  4. When shooting portraits, pay attention to the colors your subject is wearing, the colors of the background, and how these sources of color complement each other.
  5. Having good lighting can help improve a picture a lot. Good lighting can also create good shadows.

HDR Landscapes

In a nutshell, High Dynamic Range Imaging is a process that involves taking multiple exposures of the same image and blending them together. The benefit of this technique is it provides a much greater “dynamic range” (hence the name) of light and color than a single exposure alone. HDR stands for high Dynamic Range, meaning quite simply, “a high level of contrast”. HDR photography, therefore, is photography that captures a very high level contrast, including very bright highlights that still have detail instead of being pure white, and very deep shadows that still have detail instead of being pure black. HDR photography is often captured by capturing multiple images at different exposures and blending them together, however man modern cameras can capture high dynamic range images in a single exposure. Successful results in HDR can be achieved by using the lowest ISO setting on your camera, shooting in Aperture priority Mode, using a tripod, and being patient. Instead of just taking one pho, HDR actually uses three photos, taken at different exposures. HDR Effect This feature lets you enjoy a more dynamic, clearer image by correcting the light and dark areas of the display. This feature provides a realistic image, even when the source image’s gradation level is high. If you set Picture Mode to HDR Effect, you will not be able to use some of Picture Mode Settings.


I edit those pictures with Lightroom, photopea, and airbrush. Those are the 3 best apps I know for editing. Those are the most favorite apps of mine. This 3 apps make your images more eye catching and bring a nice color to your photos. At the first time it will be little bit hard to edit with those apps but when your ganna understand or make yourself comfortable you will understand how nice those apps are.

Henri Cartier Bresson

There are the photos I chose taken by Henri Cartier Bresson. The first picture I chose because this photo is so eye catching I like the lighting and the background of the picture. The second one I chose was a lady walking up some stairs with a large group of pigeons around her, I thought this was stranger but it intrigued me. The third photo I chose was it look like two brothers or friend is playing with each other it’s look like they playing with a toy gun. that was so cool. I like the style and composition of these photos which is another reason I chose them. I do enjoy Henri Cartier Bresson’s photography. I like his timing in the pictures I also like the composition in his photos are really good too. For example, in the third picture, the boys playing with his friend freely. His ability to capture the moment is also very good and he is all around a great photography. Henri Cartier Bresson is a skilled photographer for the 1960’s. Her had the ability to capture the moment in his photos and tell a story behind it. I like how Henri Cartier Bresson was able to capture these photos and show what was happening during that time.

Candid Movements

This photo about some love, some promises, some happiness, some cuteness, beautiful smile, some secret to keep forever and a relationship that never break ever. This picture sharing lots happiness and love between two sisters. “A sister is someone who loves you from the heart, no matter how much you argue you cannot be drawn apart. She is a joy that cannot be taken away, once she enters your life, she is there to stay”. (this quote is from google.)


There is some people only talking about the shape of the body, before they go into a relationship with a girl. Some people don’t know specially the boys that shape of the body does not matter the only thing matter is how much love you show her and how much she matter to you . How much she important to you. Because of this body shape some long distance true love break down in one second. So, forget that what shape is she just love freely, live freely. Love someone until your last breath you never know maybe it’s somethings very special always waiting for you end of your last love.


Body, Shape, From

I used snapseed, Lightroom and photopea to edit my photo.
10 words that describe my image is…
1. Beautiful, 2. Strong, 3. Brave, 4. Unique, 5. Eyes, 6. Shadow, 7. Mysterious, 8. Clean, 9. Simple, 10. Contrast.


  1. Travel photographerThe majority of Traveling photographer salaries currently range between $33,000 (25th percentile) to $44,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $76,500 annually across the United States. 
  2. Fashion photographer – Fashion with 1-4 years of experience earns an average total compensation includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay of $40,970 based on 21 salaries. 
  3. News Photographer – A news photographer in your area makes on average $49,300 per year, or $1,141.2% more than the national average annual salary of $48,159.
  4. Editorial photographer – The national average salary for an editorial photographer is $30,367 in United States. 
  5. Wedding Photographer – This is a big business and very specialized type of photography. It involves taking photographs of wedding ceremonies and participants. The average pay is $44,042. 
  6. Nature photography – This is taken outdoors and devoted to displaying natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants, and close-up of natural scenes and textures. The average pay is $22k-55k per year. 
  7. Portrait photographer – As of November 24, 2020, the average annual pay for a portrait photography in the United Stated is $36,290 a year. They get paid approximately $17.45 an hour. This is the equivalent of $698/ week or $3,024/month. 
  8. Photojournalist – The average yearly pay for a photojournalist is $24k- $93k. 
  9. Scientific Photography – Average salary for a scientific photographer is about $61,970 a year or $31 per hour. 
  10. Sports photographer – This can refer to the genre of photography that covers all types of sports. They work for newspapers, magazines, Web sites and photo stock agencies to bring photos of event of all sizes to pages of periodicals, the internet or other publication. The average pay is $37,189 based on 16 salaries. 

Out of all 10 photography careers listed, to most interesting one to me is traveling photographer. I feel that I would like to be a travel photographer and not only for the money, I feel that it is something that I like to do, travel and take photos. I think it would be difficult, but I would enjoy it very much. The filed I see myself working working on someday would be travel photography because I feel like that type of job would be awesome to do. This way I would incorporate photography into my potential career choice would be after work I would go outside and relax and start to take pictures or in the weekends that I don’t work I can go to nice places and take pictures. By taking traveling photography I can visit the whole world  and explore new things, and learn something new everyday and also earns some good amounts money to live my life. 

History Of Photography

One of the first  inventions that impressed me the was Kodak Brownie box film camera. It impressed me because it was like one of the first camera by Kodak which still exist today. It’s impressive to see how much their cameras have evolved. The modern Kodak cameras look a lot more different than the Brownie box roll film camera. The second invention that impressed me was the Fujifilm. Fujifilm is a brand that is still pretty and popular to this day. When I read that Fujifilm was made in 1938 I was really shock, I would have never thought that a such popular brand was made back in the days. If I’m not wrong I think that Fujifilm makes film for polaroid cameras. The 4th invention that really impressed me in the polaroid. Polaroid is also a popular brand which a lot of teens use to take pictures. This was the first color instant film that was developed of course by polaroid. I have a polaroid camera, and for this I think that this is really interesting. The third things invention impressive me that I was surprised by that the first issue was created in 1888. I had no idea National Geographic dated way back to this time. It’s pretty amazing how some things we know of today are this old and still exist during our time. The final thing that surprised me was polaroid going bankrupt in 2001, many people probably know of this, but since I am unfamiliar with he photography industry I barely found ot today. This came as a shock, since it exists even today.