American’s Top Photographers: Synopsis

Episode 1: is okey to me but from my experience is that you got to Take a good photo so you can win and be the best photographer. If I were in the show, it so is to find the best photo. I really enjoy the show because it interesting how to aim and focuses on the camera. The photographers are taking photo of miles doing photo’s. I would be very nervous to be in the show because they really looked at every detail in the photo. American’s top photographer, the contestants had to capture Miles Chamley- Wotson in action. They were given 30 minutes to get to know the model and take as many pictures as they could or wanted to take. With the task in the first episode they were shooting in a studio. Most of the contestants were well versed with studio photography. Some of them, were not and it was very clear that they didn’t completely know what they were doing. One of the contestants didn’t know anything about makeup and was lost with this part of the task. After the 30 minutes for makeup and hair, they had another 30 minutes to take photos of the models they chose. The photographers took pointers and ideas from the first task into consideration and that helped with the way their photos came out. They were all very creative and have amazing photographers. They are out of their usual comfort zone because for example Roxy shoot beautiful models posing and she’s going to need to shoot  someone who fences. This shows me how professional photographers are because and how they work which I’ve never seen before because I’ve never been to a professional photographer. The judging is never racking though because you’re competing against the other people. So, what I learned from that was to be in good communication with the person you’re taking pictures of because if you just get straight to talking pictures that person would not feel comfortable at all because they don’t know what is going to happen or what you want to shoot. So first episode I learn about bonding with models and try to be cool with each other.

Episode 2: In this episode they’re going to be shooting a model’s campaign. Roxy is a lot more familiar with this and is happy that this is something that she usually does. They need a story in the photo as well to try and sell the dress. The judges believe that Roxy’s background for the photo was too busy. They think Chris’s photo was too amateur. Ja Jamaya won the contest. They think that Chris’s shoot was not showing enough of the dress and wasn’t selling the dress. There’s so much that goes into taking photographs of people that just taking a picture of them. You really need to have good composition and a story behind the photo. It also looks lie you meet kind of consider being a photographer because it looks very excited and requires a lot of talent. It also looks like you meet a lot of new people. Some things that make me scared to be a photographer is how hectic my schedule might be but I guess a lot of jobs are like that anyways. Background is an important thing for when your shooting a certain subject or model for example the model has camouflage you want to put them in the woods so they get a good theme. So yeah the second episode was all bout the background and for the subject or model to fit in the background.

Framing a Subject

Yes I think I have a strong composition. I did really hard work to edit this pictures  so, I think that I  did a good job in editing. I will try to do better than this next time. The thing I don’t like in this picture is that my finger is showing next I will try to not put my finger to the photo.  Yes I thing it’s should belong to the blog because I feel like this photograph it’s pretty uncommon like a Indian traditional.

Yes I think I have a strong compotation. I thing I did a good job in editing because I love editing photo. Actually I really like this photo this one came out really cute and pretty I didn’t find any mistake in this photo but next time I will edit it more nicely. I feel like this one should belong to the blog.

File Formats

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) – This is probably the best the known of all image file formats. The thing that you should remember is that JPEG files are compressed quickly in the camera, and thus result in a loss of detail and quality. Some cameras will have options for different quality levels of JPEG (e.g., low, medium, and high).  

TIFF – Files are much bigger will take space both on your memory cards and also storage on computer. This is the most commonly used industry-standard file format, and is generally what print or publishers ask for. 

RAW – Taking pictures in raw format will require plenty of memory cards no to mention considerable post processing time. The problem with not using raw files is that your camera will make adjustments, which are permanently embedded into your photos. 

DNG( digital negative) – You can store your raw files as DNG files for maximum future security. Enter the DNG. This file format, created by Adobe, is an attempt to create a standard raw file format across all manufacturers and cameras. But using an Adobe DNG Convertor means you can also store your raw files as DNG files for maximum future security. 

PNG – They allow partial or total transparency which is idea for overlaps or logos. Designed in the 90s as an improvement for GIF file format, PNG files are ideal for use on the internet. The other benefit of PNG files is that they allow for partial (effects like drop shadows) or total transparency which is ideal for overlays or logos. 

 GIF – contain a maximum of 256, colors and therefore are not best choice for photos but rather images with a limited color palette is a bonus 

BMP – it’s a great use in the printing stage provides a high quality digital file.  

PSD – allow for to manipulate the image extensively on separate layers. Another lossless file format, BMP was invented by Microsoft, initially for use on the Windows platform but is now recognized by programs on Macs as well. 

PSD – allows for manipulate the image extensively on separate layers. This file type is what Adobe Photoshop uses as a default to save data. This makes it absolutely essential for any sort of extensive manipulation of the original photograph – such as retouching. 



when your alone in a new world. (Halloween)

Mark Grusane - Alternate Reality (Video/Music Mix 2017) - YouTube

I couldn’t find the name of the photographer but, I really like this surrealism photography because, I think this photography teaching you a life lesson that it time never wait for you time goes on no matter what. You always wait for the time but the time doesn’t wait for you. That we all should the right thing in a right time. Also the editing catch my eyes it’s came out as a emotional photo. This surrealism photography inspired me because lots of thing that I  have in life which is very important I didn’t do them on time. And when the times goes away I understand the real value of time. A 1 minutes can change your life and sometimes 1 second it’s enough to take everything from your life. So, you should do everything in a right time when it’s come to your life. You should always be ready for the time because the time goes too fast.

Camera Modes

Portrait ModesPortrait photography is a type of photography aimed toward capturing the Personality of a person or group of people by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. portrait photograph may be artistic or clinicalPortrait mode works best when you’re photographing a single subject so get in close enough to your subject (either by zooming in or walking closer) so that your photographing the head and shoulders of them). It’s also mean is take nice photo and edit with a natural filter. Aperture (small number) which helps to keep your background out of focus.  

Digital Camera ModesWhen creating images using a long exposure, such as this one with an exposure time of two minutesmanual modes is the best. This camera modes allows photographers to control the parameters of an exposure, specifically, shutter speed, Aperture and ISO. While certain modes can fully automate the camera exposure, there are other modes that let the photographer manually control some or all parameters of the exposure. The results of this little survey didn’t really surprise me – Automatic Mode was the overwhelming response from both beginner and the more advanced users alike (a little surprising to me). As a result, I’ve decided to take a run through the basic shooting modes that most digital cameras have (both point and shoot and DSLRs have most of these). 

Automatic ModeI suspect no one will need any introduction to this mode (as it seems most digital camera owners use it). This mode will give you nice results in many shooting conditions, however you need to keep in mind that you’re not telling your camera any extra information about the type of shot you’re taking so it will be ‘guessing’ as to what you want. 

Macro ModeMacro mode lets you move your closer into your subject to take a close up picture. When you use macro mode you’ll notice that focusing is more difficult as at short distances the depth of field is very narrow (just millimeters at times). 

Landscape Modescene you’re photographing will be in focus as possible. This mode is almost the exact opposite of portrait mode in that it sets the landscape 

Sports ModePhotographing moving objects is what sports mode (also called ‘action mode’ in some cameras) is designed for. Sports mode attempts to freeze the action by increasing the shutter speed. 

Shutter Priority Mode (S or TV)Shutter priority is very similar to aperture priority mode but is the mode where you select a shutter speed and the camera then chooses all of the other settings. 

Program ModeSome digital cameras have this priority mode in addition to auto mode (in a few cameras Program mode IS full Auto mode.  

Aperture Priority ModeThis mode is really a semi-automatic (or semi-manual) mode where you choose the aperture and where your camera chooses the other settings (shutter speed, white balance, ISO etc.) so as to ensure you have a well-balanced exposure. 

Movie ModeThis mode extends your digital camera from just capturing still images to capturing moving ones. Most new digital cameras these days come with a movie mode that records both video but also sound. 

Night ModeThis is a really fun mode to play around with and can create some wonderfully colorful and interesting shots. 

Manual ModeIn this mode you have full control over your camera and need to think about all settings including shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, flash etc. 

Alternative Camera Angles (Critique)

Camera Angles | Understand the Psychology of 7 Powerful Angels

I didn’t find the name of the photographer who took this photo. But this is a really eyes catching picture. This is a high angle photography. Here is the link from where I got this picture The thing in this picture I like the most is the innocent girl and her beautiful gray eyes, the black and white editing looks amazing, and this photo shows lots of emotion which a photographer only can see. The photographer who take this picture he/she is so talented and interesting. This picture is so clear like a glass. It’s look just awesome.

Self Portrait

The definition of the word conceptual means is something having to do with the mind, or with mental concepts or philosophical or imaginary ideas. So, it’s not real it’s all based in your head and it’s the meaning. Conceptual art is what the piece means and what means to the artist. My this photo is shows how much I love reading story books. My one of biggest passion is be a writer in future and to be a writer reading books inspires me a lot. I love reading broken heart love story books. I have learned many unknown things in the world by readings books. In 5th grade I was in third place out of 50 to read books competition at my school in Bangladesh. Reading book can come down your, it’s make you think about something’s that you never think about, it’s makes you learn news things and discover and for me I think it is a big inspiration to become a writer because after reading books I came up with lots of good poems and quotes that I write by myself. It’s teach you how to learn somethings from others life lesson story. it can be your friends when your long or your in depression it’s help me to et rid of this. That’s why I love reading and it’s also represents me.
The definition of the word conceptual means is something having to do with the mind, or with mental concepts or philosophical or imaginary ideas. So, it’s not real it’s all based in your head and it’s the meaning. Conceptual art is what the piece means and what means to the artist. In this picture I show little bit of creativity that I have. In future I want become a writer like Anne Frank and like others. I have a skills of writing poems, quotes and nice handwriting. Inside this notebook there is a quote and it’s says “The world is wide for teens but, I love the world of 90s”. I write this quotes because it’s represent me. I am a very simple girl, I like the world that my mom use to had on her childhood. In that world she used to play outside, she able to makes lots of friend without any technology, she made many kinds of toys with clay, wet in the rain and so many things. But now there is no such things in this world. People have changed since the advent of technology. But for me I really like to do those stuff but in this there is no way, in here everyone’s is busy with there own life. So, this is the meaning of the pictures I took.

Creating Icons with Cindy Sherman | Photographs | Sotheby's

She has a very unique style. Obviously these are all self portrait which is why this relates to us, but she still has unique retro like way of shooting. She looks very pretty and serious. The things in this picture catch my eyes is how the way she is holding the gun and the cigarette. I like this picture she really give such a groovy and awesome vibe, and the picture I really interesting like it’s cool lady and I think that Harrys Truman in the back. Ans seems like she is a very talented photographer.